Giving back

B1G1 or Buy One Give One members are a group of small business owners dedicated to making a difference in the world by giving back. Our core value of generosity is lived out in this membership every single month.

B1G1 allows us to work with other businesses to band together and make our donation dollars go much further.  B1G1 has many opportunities to affordably give to a cause that’s close to our hearts.  The best part is 100% of the donation goes directly to the cause, not the administration fees!

A life-changing Christmas gift

At Virtual Bookkeeping USA, we use B1G1 as a thank you gift, for example, when someone sends us a referral – we feed a family for a week in their honor. When we start working with a new brewery, we give 120 days of access to fresh water for children in Tanzania. We also used B1G1 to give our clients a Christmas gift, because who needs one more calendar with our name printed on it?

With B1G1 we are able to make a long-lasting difference with our budget and reach further with our giving. In fact, our clients have begun to look forward to finding out what surprise gift will be given in their honor each year!